The Latest Hygge Trends in Home Decor Sector

The latest hygge trends in home decor sector: the rug.

Nanimarquina Ceras rug

Why is the carpet the trend element in interior decoration this year?

The carpet creates contours, ‘welcomes’ and outlines perspectives. In the home it can really turn the visual impact of the rooms it is placed in; moreover, that feeling of warmth and hygge that we so much seek when decorating our homes is easily conferred by the fabric of carpets. Their arrangement therefore enriches, defines and often gives meaning to some bare or unpersonal rooms.

Nanimarquina Ceras rug

Decorating the kitchen with rugs

With their typical geometries and colours, Nanimarquina’s rugs are beautiful in their elongated format, perfect for the kitchen. A long strip running parallel to the cooker top to protect the floor from the inevitable splashes from the sink.

Nanimarquina Tiles rug

Nanimarquina Tiles rug

Decorating the dining room with rugs

There is nothing better than a large rug placed under the dining table and chairs for a more intimate, cosy and convivial ambience. In the dining room, it is always advisable to match the rug colour to the finishes of the furniture for a sober and elegant effect.

Nanimarquina Re-Rug carpet

Nanimarquina Ceras rug

Decorating the living room with rugs

A carpet can really help you decorate your living room also because it dampens noise, cushions falls and prevents dangerous slips in the presence of children, helps define the space of a room and change its perception, and helps to better define the style of your living room by embellishing the furniture already present.

Nanimarquina Tiles rug

Nanimarquina Troupe rug

Decorating outdoors with rugs

One of the latest trends in the world of home decor is the use of carpets to decorate the outdoors of the home, from the terrace to the garden to the swimming pool. These rugs are specially made to withstand the weather, sun and water.

Nanimarquina Re-Rug carpet

Nanimarquina Shade Outdoor rug

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