5 Must Have for a Hygge-style Home

5 Must Have for a Hygge-style home to turn your home into a cosy and relaxing retreat.

1) Fireplace or stove.

To create a cozy space, there is nothing better than having a fireplace or stove in front of which to spend the cold winter days. Create a space around the fireplace with blankets, armchairs, a shag rug and decorate with LED lights and candles to make the atmosphere even more relaxing.

2) A reading corner.

Books are an element that makes any home more hygge. What’s right for you is a nice wooden bookcase to fill with books, but also frames, plants and decorations. Add a lamp and a comfortable armchair to create a comfortable corner where you can read and relax.

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3) Nature and wooden objects.

By now, we all know the beneficial effects that nature has on our minds. Therefore, the hygge style wants to bring as much of it as possible into the home. Plants, flowers, but also knick-knacks, accessories and solid wood furniture will contribute to making the room more zen-like and relaxing.

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4) Pillows, blankets and carpets.

Here you can really indulge yourself. Hygge also means comfort, so every area of the house should be covered with large blankets, long-pile rugs and decorative pillowcases. Favour neutral colours but have fun mixing different colours and materials.

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5) Scandinavian-style furniture.

Following a hygge lifestyle also means respecting nature and living as sustainably as possible. This is why Scandinavian accessories or furniture will reflect your commitment to a greener planet through their characteristics, materials used and production methods. In addition, Scandinavian decorations and furniture are very trendy at the moment and will therefore be able to make your home sophisticated and original.

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