7 Hygge Rugs, Perfect for Bedrooms.

7 hygge rugs, perfect for bedrooms decor. Warm, soft, handmade and absolutely hygge.


The bedroom is the most intimate and most personal environment of the house, which represents a small refuge in which to “hide” to reflect, make projects, think…


Renewing the furnishing of a bedroom is usually easy and funny; simply move or replace some furnishing accessories to give life to a new style or to give a touch of liveliness or elegance to the space.
The ideal element able to modify and improve the furniture is the rug, thanks to the various shapes available on the market, colors and materials. Depending on where you’ll place a rug, it will create different contexts, helping you to make the bedroom more special than ever.


Here 7 hygge carpets for the decoration decorate your bedroom:

-The Round Rug 

The round carpet, better if handmade and in a neutral or not too invasive color can be a winning choice for the decoration of the bedroom, because, thanks to its round shape is able to give harmony to the environment making it suggestive and intimate.


Get the style:  Rangoli Rug


Get the style:  Luna Rug

-The White and Black Rug

Black and white is always in fashion, it can adapt to any style and other color creating a pleasant and very elegant visual impact. This winning colour combination is best suited to rectangular, square or irregularly shaped rugs, giving a contemporary feel to the environment.


Get the style:  Estambul Rug


Get the style:  Manuscrit Rug

-The Neutral Colour Rug

There is nothing better than a soft and comfortable carpet on which to lay or rest your feet in the morning as soon as you wake up. A real hygge, cozy, warm and comfortable rug. To create these pleasant sensations usually interior designers choose a neutral color alone or combined with other warm and more intense colors.


Get the style:  Tres Rug


Get the style:  Medina 1 Rug

-The Coloured Rug for the Children’s Room

Multi-colored, lively, bright colors but never intrusive. The ideal rug for a child’s room must express fun, carefreeness and above all imagination. So, let’s play with colour!



Get the style:  Kala Rug


Get the style:  Cuadros Rug

-The Hypnotic Rug

Hygge carpets can also be extravagant, eclectic and imaginative, the important thing is that they do not compromise the serenity and harmony of the environment. It is always better to choose the one that blends best with the environment, when the floor is white the result is even more fascinating.


Get the style:  Digit 1 Rug


Get the style:  Do-Lo-Rez 1 Rug

-Combining Multiple Rugs Together

A great idea for renovating your bedroom furniture is to combine several small rugs together. The environment will be less banal and monotonous and more lively. It is very important to choose the right colour combination, which can take over the existing furniture or create a strong contrast with it.



-A Bit of Red

The red rug is always super elegant, especially if placed in the bedroom, it will create a refined and even luxury environment without losing the feeling of welcome and warmth that a hygge bedroom must have. Decorating the room with lush green plants, could be an extraordinary combination.


Get the style:  Losanges Rug


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