Room Scents Diffusers

Scent diffusers with natural materials to perfume the room with delicate, discreet notes in perfect hygge style.

Perfume is part of our lives. Closely linked to olfactory memory, it provokes reactions and emotions. And it also influences our mood quite powerfully. Depending on the essences used, different effects are achieved: stimulating, relaxing, energising…

Room fragrances create an incredible olfactory experience whether used for your office or home. Many Italian and British companies have specialised over the years in the production of fragrances specifically designed to make environments more pleasant and welcoming in the form of perfume sticks, scented candles and diffusers.

Let’s discover together the most popular and, above all, most hygge room fragrances.

Culti Milano

The story of the Culti brand began with the vivid imagination of Italian Alessandro Agrati, who imagined what it would be like if every space had its own scent similar to those that pervade the air from floor to ceiling. He dreamt that the pleasant atmosphere of the interior would not only be created by beautiful decorations, but also by scents. And so, in 1990, Culti Decor, the first Culti diffuser with high-quality scented ingredients used in the production of luxury perfumes, was born from this initial intuition.

Ashleigh & Burwood London

Inspired by the traditions of Britain and its history, Ashleigh & Burwood London was formed with the aim of creating a collection of luxurious, high quality yet affordable fragranced products for the home.

Yankee Candle

The idea of Yankee Candles was born back in 1969, when Mike Kittredge gave his mother a handmade decorative candle for Christmas. Both she and everyone else were delighted, so Mike continued with the creation of scented candles. Due to the great success, he soon moved production from his garage to an old paper mill, thus founding the Yankee Candle brand.

Teatro Fragranze Uniche

From the idea and passion of three women supported by the experience of perfumer friends, ‘Teatro Fragranze Uniche.’ was born. A limited edition line, created by the olfactory creativity of Sileno Cheloni with the most innovative production techniques but using the same method as the ancient Florentine master perfumers.


Woodwick luxury scented candles know how to warm, cosy homes and caress the soul. The unmistakable crackle of their unique wooden wick creates the effect of a burning fireplace, instantly transporting you to a snowy mountain cabin and evoking the right atmosphere.

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