A Perfect Hygge Garden

A perfect hygge garden. How to create the most welcoming environment in your garden.


Spring has finally arrived! The flowers are blooming, the plants, thanks to the light rains and the rays of the sun are becoming of an almost magical intense green. So it’s time to fix and renovate the garden, which will be the most used place during the summer to relax, shelter from the heat and organize evenings with friends and family. But how do you make the perfect hygge garden? Let’s discover it together!


Get cozy

The key word is definitely “welcoming”. It is necessary to create a welcoming environment, not too well cared for and sophisticated but an “experience” in contact with nature that gives serenity and harmony. It all starts with a comfy outdoor lounge setting. All accompained by cosy, warm blankets and cushions. Make sure you have a place for a drink and a good book with either a side table or coffee table.


Get the look:  Kettal Chair


Get the look:  Gardenias Armchair  Monkey Side Table



Get the look:  Cool-là Sofa

Create the atmosphere

Colorful flowers as much as I can! Roses, tulips, daisies, poppies… Flowers that give joy and happiness! Fat plants to give a tropical touch to the environment and wooden decorations like small tree trunks that can also be used as stools or tables or simply as a decorative element.




Decorate with lights

In order to create the perfect hygge garden it is necessary to add some lights and candles. Candles contained within hurricane lanterns are your safest bet, although a few tea lights dotted about shouldn’t pose too much of a safety risk. Adorning the garden with flickering flames can give the environment a touch of mistery and impressive warmness. Another solution is represented by mood lighting which is an essential element of Hygge philosophy as it creates a beautiful, warm and inviting ambience. Fairy lights can really help to create a sense of magic and are easy to hang overhead to give life to a twinkling starlight effect.




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