A Minimal And Elegant Living Room

The minimalist style in the living room. The guide to the most suitable choices for colors, furnishings and accessories.


The minimalist living room is a solution that has recently been proposed by interior designers who privilege the elegance and simplicity of the furnishings to the most complex and expensive solutions that can compromise functionality.
If before the living room was mainly the room to watch TV, now it has become a place to talk, short business meetings or to read and listen to music in peace.


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Decorating the modern living room in a minimalist style therefore consists in using simple, main furniture, without frills and chosen after careful programming. Here are some precious tips to give a touch of elegance to your minimalist living room.

-Choose carefully the colors

The minimal style prefers in particular the contrast between white and black, to highlight the furniture, a few, but important. In this way, the lines and shapes of the furniture appear clearer when you enter the room, reassessing the choices of purchase.
There are other neutral shades, elegant and rational solutions that give a touch of color so as not to make the stay repetitive and boring. Ice pink, dove grey, greige and pastel shades of wood are well integrated in the modern home.
Simplicity, however, does not mean neglecting the imagination: touches of color are appropriate and are pleasant. Pillows in fantasies, a Persian carpet or a small complement on the shelf, a reminder of a holiday, give the right dose of liveliness without being flashy.
The presence of gold, as for the legs of the table with the refined design, appears in the background, always an elegant way to furnish or you can fold on the ochre for more passionate and welcoming sensations.
A valid suggestion is to propose the living in total white: the purity and whiteness of white become the only protagonist in the environment, for an idea of sobriety that is emerging recently.


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-Choose the furniture carefully

The large sofa, with a very deep and slightly reclined seat, is always a winning choice. The linear sofas are still the ideal solution when it comes to furnishing a modern living room, able to interpret the home with elegance and strong and rational lines. The materials are precious, with leather that ensures maximum comfort.
The presence of a chaise longue enriches the comfortable sensations that the station ensures, a presence that delimits the interview area. A coffee or side table is the perfect to give a touch of modernity to the environment and to keep the order, useful magazine rack with the presence of compartments in the lower part while the surface, glass for extremely elegant solutions, can be rectangular or square depending on the size of the room.


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-Choose carefully the furnishing accessories

Few and essential, the furnishing accessories are an elegant form of decoration and embellishment. It is advisable to focus on design rugs in neutral or warm colours in order to give a touch of warmth to the living room and make it more welcoming.


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