Furnishing the Living Room with a Pink Sofa

Let’s use this refined and delicate color to renew your living room with style.


Pink has always been associated with a color for girls or women, to be used in purely feminine environments. In recent years interior designers have started to use this color with its unique refinement and elegance also to decorate living rooms, playing more and more on its various shades.


It is true that exaggerating with pink color in the living room can give rise to many mistakes by creating an environment too childish but it is also true that by focusing on a few elements and choosing the right shade you can create a sophisticated, bright and charming living room.


The best idea is definitely to focus on the sofa. In this case you can choose any style and shape for the sofa in issue; indeed, both modern and antique or vintage style combine perfectly with the versatility of pink color.


It is recommended, however, to opt for light shades such as pale pink that perfectly matches the neutrals, such as white and gray giving life to the famous hygge style. Absolutely to avoid is the combination of pink-black, too heavy and not very elegant that would ruin the harmony of the environment.


If you are a lover of pink combined with a very dark color, in this case it is advisable to choose anthracite gray, rather than opt for black. Anthracite gray, known for its innate elegance and if used in a cleverly lit environment will only highlight all the qualities of the pink color.


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