The Scandi-Chic Style

Scandinavian-chic style: a mix of minimalist, vintage and hygge design.

The Scandi-chic style was born in northern Europe and is mainly characterized by simplicity and functionality combined with a welcoming and intimate effect.

Let’s discover in detail the main features of this elegant and very functional style!


This means simple rooms decorated with a few designer furniture with clean and essential lines, avoiding too many accessories or furnishing complements.

A Vintage Touch

The Scandi-chic style also includes vintage influences, a return to the past and to one’s roots by enriching the environment with an “aged” style piece of furniture or object: a wardrobe, a bedside table, a coffee table, some chairs… for example.

Hygge Effect

In the Scandi-chic style, the “Hygge” component cannot be missing, that is, the atmosphere of comfort, welcome and wellbeing, thanks to the use of specific accessories, that the Hygge style is able to create.

Neutral Colors

The most used colours to create the Scandi-chic style are definitely the neutral palettes. The colours of wood, white, black and grey in all its shades are perfect for an environment that must be elegant but functional, welcoming but essential.


Another central point of the Scandi-chic style is the functionality of the rooms, which must never be sacrificed for the aesthetics or trends of the moment. Every room in the house must be tailored to the user.

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