Our Recent Projects

A look inside our latest interior design projects.

We have designed and furnished a number of houses in northern Europe using mainly hygge as a basic style; then, according to the tastes and needs of our clients, we built and developed a unique style for each project.

We show you the various projects and the styles used in more detail below!

The Pink Flat

The “Pink Flat” was a project full of challenges and satisfactions; it was realised for a Dutch client who loves warm and delicate tones such as antique pink which was skilfully applied to both the walls and the wooden floors. Pink was combined with the natural tones of wood, greens and the neutral for antonimasia: white.

A bit of Scandi-Chic Style

A clean, essential and very welcoming style characterises this project; given the type of house, a small but very elegant detached house, we decided to opt for the well-known Scandinavian style accompanied by very “chic” elements and furnishings. Natural elements such as plants and fruit and comfortable accessories such as poufs are also a must.

Hygge Design only please!

The client of this project, a lover of pure hygge style, asked us to take care of the arrangement of the accessories in order to create an intimate, cosy and warm environment but never visually ‘oppressive’. Vases, dried flowers and unfinished benches were used so as not to risk straying into other styles.

A Danish Home

For this beautiful house in Copenhagen we had to choose minimalist Danish furniture with an essential character; very comfortable sofas and armchairs upholstered in cream-coloured fabric have been combined with metal tables, plant pots and warm blankets to enjoy the house on long winter afternoons.

Kids Room

A bright room for two children in the centre of Oslo is part of this project. We have used wood as the basis for both the material and the colour scheme; light, subtle colours, handmade wooden toys and plenty of free space for the children to play and have fun.

Jungle Style

An “ecofriendly” project based on nature and the use of greenery. For this type of environment, wooden furniture is a must! Fabric upholstery in various shades of pastel green is combined with white walls and cushions and various sizes of plants to create a real jungle effect.

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