Decorating with Baby Blue Color

Decorating with baby blue color: a refined and elegant colour perfect for various styles.

Baby blue is an aquatic colour with an extremely relaxing effect. Somewhere between light blue and grey, it is dusty and matt in its most popular version. Baby blue, avion, blue duck egg, whale blue, denim drift, light blue: the colour nomenclature is varied and so are the shades in the palette.

In 2000, Pantone named it Colour of the Year with the name Cerulean and its popularity has grown steadily, so much so that it is now considered a great classic in interior decoration on a par with neutral colours such as dove grey and pearl grey. Powerful and elegant, it furnishes any room with character, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The versatility of the baby blue color is well known and gives way to great creative freedom in terms of furnishings, wall colours and accessories, and lends itself to various stylistic directions and colour combinations. An easy combination with impeccable results is white. A balanced and bright mix for any space and style!

Warm and cosy is the combination with dove grey. It is advisable to use this combination in bright and spacious rooms, otherwise you risk making the room even darker.

You can choose this particular shade of blue to enhance a single wall, or, if you opt for less demanding solutions, simply use it on textiles, curtains or sofa upholstery. If you are looking for an original idea, consider it as a ceiling colour.

It doesn’t matter whether the style of your home is contemporary, modern or classic. In a living room, baby blue walls go very well with minimalist lacquered or wooden furniture and all kinds of fabrics: cotton, wool, linen, velvet…

In the bedroom the use of this shade is really a winning choice, especially if you want to create a hygge and super relaxing environment; better if baby blue is combined with warm neutral tones such as cream, brown or the various wood finishes.

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