Decorating a Cozy Attic

Decorating a cozy attic: how to enhance the original architectural elements.

Beautiful and charming, the attic room perfectly combines the disadvantage of having a smaller usable volume than a traditional room, but at the same time offers the advantage of a much more personal and welcoming interior design than a traditional home.

There are almost an infinite number of uses that an attic can be put to: whether it is a home office, or a bedroom, rather than a living room or a guest room, it is necessary to rely on a professional interior designer to be able to keep the architectural and structural constraints of the room in mind.

The attic room offers a magnificent feeling of independence combined with intimacy, a mix that makes this a unique environment that has always been much loved and sought after: the windows that look out onto the sky, far from the noise of the house below, the warmth that envelops those who live there…

The attic is more than just a room for storage, it is a true super-functional environment that is perfect for all needs. It offers bright, spacious rooms when the open-plan solution is chosen. The attic is perfect in super-modern, post-industrial buildings, as well as in older homes, where the aim is to enhance the original architectural elements by integrating them into a context of contemporary functionality.

The attic room should have as much light as possible to be a comfortable space. To optimise this concept, it is advisable to furnish the attic with tones such as whites or light greys as the main colours.

As for the materials to be used, we recommend natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, as they help to create a hygge atmosphere. The contrasts created are both effective and neutral, making the visual impact harmonious.

The winning formula is to make the best possible use of height and optimise space in order to furnish the attic properly and create a perfect “nest” for our needs.

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  1. These are some wonderful designs. Thanks for sharing your photos.


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