Hygge Horoscope 2022

Hygge horoscope 2022: the trend every zodiac sign needs to try in 2022.

How to renovate your home in hygge style in 2022 according to your zodiac sign.

Maybe it’s because a new year has begun or because we would like something new but also more normal… the fact is that we feel the need to change something at home, to make the domestic environment “different”, more welcoming, more intimate, warmer…

If you have no ideas on how to decorate your home, why not ask the stars for help! The horoscope and the characteristics of your sign of the zodiac will give you a hand in completing your home decoration project.


This year, the stars advise to abandon angular shapes and opt for rounded, comfortable and welcoming ones. So, dear Capricorn, abandon pessimism and excessive rigidity and let yourself go to comfort and positivity!

The stars recommend for you the Botera armchair


Be lighter than water this year, dear Aquarius, escape the heaviness and gravity of events thanks to your adaptive qualities. Rediscover the magic of pastel colours, elegant, soft, “fluffy”…

The stars recommend for you the Fritz Hansen Egg chair


Fun! This is the key word for the sign of Pisces in 2022. Choose the Hippie style for your home! “The key word is eclecticism: indeed, this style of furnishing does not follow precise rules, but rather your own taste and extravagance, obviously taking care not to create kitschy or unharmonious combinations…”

The stars recommend for you the Tonella armchair


For 2022, the stars predict an endless source of energy for those born under the sign of Aries. Dare, therefore, dear Aries, dare with vibrant and lively colours, dare with the shapes of furniture and dare with everything that gives you vitality, energy and happiness!

The stars recommend for you th Mullit chair


The watchword for this new year is “Slow Down”; calm down, dear Taurus, breathe and relax, you have been very busy during 2021 so now you must enjoy a well-deserved rest! Make your home comfortable by filling it with a soft sofa, pillows and blankets so you can get the best possible rest!

The stars recommend for you the Levitt sofa


Nature is magical, dear Gemini; nature is hygge! Bring nature home this 2022, choose wood for your furniture and furnishings; fill your home with greenery through plants and flowers; let yourself be surrounded by true beauty!

The stars recommend for you the Rimini bed


You need open spaces, a “window on the world”, this is what the stars say for 2022. These last few months have been heavy and suffocating, you need new horizons!What to do? If you can’t move house, you could focus on making the space near the windows the coziest place in the home!

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The stars are protecting you this year, dear Leo; it will be a happy and fulfilling year; thanks to your determination and tenacity, you will be able to achieve goals that you thought were impossible.. You can celebrate 2022 by decorating your home with scented candles to thank the stars in the spirit of pure hygge.

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The stars predict delicacy and sensitivity towards those born under the sign of Virgo. It will be a year dedicated to affection and personal relationships. Take care of your domestic nest, concentrating on feminine, delicate and discreet shades such as pink.

The stars recommend the Tea chair


You will need a lot of concentration and focus to face this new year; there will be many challenges but also many rewards. Renew your home office by creating a space for yourself that is both functional and essential!

The stars recommend for you the 1006 Navy chair


2021 was a very difficult and stressful year for those born under the sign of Scorpio, but the stars say that 2022 will be full of wonderful surprises! Are you ready for them! Prepare yourself in the best possible way by giving yourself an iconic piece of designer furniture!

The stars recommend the Chester Moon sofa


You always succeed in everything you do thanks to your determination and your innate optimism. Also this year, the stars will protect you and help you to finally make the leap forward you have been waiting for. Completely renovate the house, change the colour of the walls, furniture and floor because only you know the power of the Chromotherapy

The stars recommend the Barnaby sofa

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