Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom decor ideas: a touch of hygge style for sweet dreams.

The bedroom is undoubtedly the room to which the most attention should be paid in the home; it is the place dedicated to rest and relaxation, so it is important to focus on comfort, functionality and well-being. A large, comfortable bed, which will become the focal point of the room, is a must!

To decorate your bedroom first of all focus on choosing the right bed; even if you love other styles, a modern bed is always the best choice as, thanks to new technologies, these models are at the forefront of comfort and functionality without sacrificing design. In any case, you can always combine the modern bed with other styles, creating pleasant visual contrasts.

Get the look with: So Lively bed

As we have already seen in the post 5 Modern Armchairs to Match Hygge the Style, modern style goes perfectly with hygge style and more than ever in the bedroom; you can play with neutral or pastel colours of the linens, insert soft rugs and wooden bedside tables for a super cosy look…

If you are lucky enough to live in a loft, studying design and combinations can be a fun and very satisfying experience. As it is an open space, you can put elements in the bedroom that would normally be in other rooms of the house…

Get the look with: Osaka bed

Get the look with: Paco bed

If you want to renovate the bedroom of your mountain home, why not create a shocking contrast? A bed with a hyper-modern design covered in fabric in a very bright colour? With this option you would break the monotony and avoid the banality of a typical mountain cabin bedroom…

Finally, the option of a minimalist black and white or total grey space could also be considered. A combination of elegant shades, which never go out of fashion and are well suited to various styles, including Scandinavian, and almost any type of furniture.

Products shown in the pictures: Noctis collection available on Lomuarredi

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