Hygge Home Decor

Hygge home decor: let’s find out what is meant by hygge home decor.

In general home decor is the finishing touch to the furnishing of a house. Literally translated as home decoration, this Anglo-Saxon expression refers to everything in an interior design project related to decoration: from textiles to wall colour, from cushions to knick-knacks, from pictures to lamps and so on.

In short, decoration can be considered as the completion of home furnishing. In the case of hygge home décor, all the elements characteristic of the hygge style are taken into consideration, candles, blankets, pillows, natural fabrics such as linen, silk or wool, eco-friendly materials, harmonising them with the available furnishings and the space.

With a furniture market populated by mass-produced products, if these were not placed in a context that the interior designer arranges ad hoc, we would have millions of homes with environments that are all the same, even in terms of hygge style.

Home decor allows to express your personality, to meet your needs without sacrificing them in the name of current trends, and to give your home character and functionality at the same time.

When deciding to decorate your home in the hygge style, it is advisable to choose a specific theme and always continue in that direction. For example, you can opt for the “wood and nature” theme, i.e. focus your home decor on wooden objects already present in nature such as tree stumps and use them as purely decorative but also functional elements; they could be used as stools or coffee tables…

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, however, in order to achieve surprising results with stylish interiors, you need not only an aesthetic sense and a passion for objects, but also specific technical knowledge, starting with the development of a colour scheme involving all the elements that make up the furnishings: from the covering materials to the furniture and the objects that will be used.

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