5 Cozy Wooden Chairs

5 cozy wooden chairs for a hygge and welcoming dining room!

If you love the hygge and/or Scandinavian style, you have no choice but to choose cosy and comfortable wooden chairs for your dining room. Wood, alone or combined with fabric or leather, will give warmth to your home.

But are wooden chairs really comfortable? Of course, some models have been specially designed for ergonomics and comfort. Let’s discover together 5 cozy wooden chairs for a hygge and cosy dining room!

Butterfly chair

Ercol Originals Butterfly chair, designed by Lucian Ercolani was first launched in 1958 and with years it has become one of Ercol’s most iconic designs. Characterized by voluptuous curves the Originals Butterfly chair is able to create an intrinsically eye-catching appeal. The inherent springiness in the bent plies of the seat and back and the sculpted recessed shape, as well as the moulded wing shaped back provide a comfortable sit.

Windsor chair

The Windsor Dining Chair by Ercol is a wooden minimal chair characterized by strength, durability and a classic elegance. The six ash spindles and curved seatback, alongside the sculpted saddle seat provide a comfortable and supportive sit. The chair bow is steam bent from a single straight ash rail and then sanded and shaped to give its subtle and elegant profile.

Flow chair

Ercol Flow chair is a wooden stackable dining chair suitable for rustic or Scandinavian style spaces. The wide seat and the distinctive backrest offer the user a comfortable chair on which to spend good times around the dining table in the company of loved ones.

All Purpose chair

Ercol Originals All Purpose chair was designed in 1950 by Lucian Ercolani, the founder of Ercol company. This wooden dining chair is characterized by great comfort and timeless essential elegance. The Originals All Purpose Chair by Ercol can be chosen in a selection of 11 different finishings.

Lara chair

The Lara chair by Ercol is a dining chair made of solid ash wood and is available in transparent lacquer for a more natural finish or in black lacquer for a more “urban” look. It offers comfort and practicality for the user, is equipped with a comfortable seat and a solid backrest and is also stackable which makes it suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

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