A Scandinavian-Style Dining Room

A Scandinavian-style dining room: among neutral shades, pastel colours and essential shapes.

A Scandinavian-style dining room is definitely an environment characterised by minimalism, functionality and aesthetic beauty. In fact, most Scandinavian furniture manufacturers have concentrated on producing cosy furniture with the rounded shapes of dining chairs combined with a wide range of pastel colours.

The most common materials used in Scandinavian furniture are metal and wood; metal enhances the minimalism and essentiality of the furniture, while wood helps to create a more intimate, warm and cosy environment. Very often interior designers decide to create pleasant visual contrasts by contrasting the metal of the chairs with the wood of the dining table.

Rooms should be bright and bring out the natural light by making extensive use of white or other bright colours such as yellow or orange that welcome all the sun’s rays. In Scandinavian countries, especially in winter, there is little light, so all the characteristics of colours must be exploited.

The Scandinavian style, characteristic of cold countries, despite its minimalism, also includes the use of warm fabrics for the upholstery of the chairs. Velvets, wools and winter cottons… all the necessary to give comfort to the user.

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What about the dining table?
Round, oval, rectangular, it doesn’t matter! But it must be absolutely quality and functional! Wooden for large families as it creates a hygge effect and metal for couples or singles who may spend a lot of time away from home… these are the trends of the moment!

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Or you can opt for a design icon, i.e. an important table that immediately catches the eye and becomes the focal point of the dining room; the rest will simply be the background.

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