The Serenity of White and Neutral Tones

The serenity of white and neutral tones: aesthetics, comfort and softness.

White tones, neutral, beige or cream colors when well combined, can create a serene and neutral style, full of unique nuances thanks to the soft shapes of the furniture or the texture of the upholstery used on the armchairs and sofas.

These colours are the most widely used by interior designers because of their versatility and adaptability to all rooms in the house. They are the colours that characterise the Scandinavian, minimalist and hygge styles also highlighting the qualities or defects of the furniture. So if you decide to decorate your home with these colours, it is advisable to choose your furniture wisely, opting for design and quality!

Have you ever considered the total white option? It might seem like an obvious solution with a very cold visual result… but if you study the combination of shapes carefully, aiming for simplicity, the result could be truly surprising!

White as well as beige and cream are bright colours as they attract the light coming in through the windows and then amplify it in the room; as they are not bright and visually “violent” they do not tire the eye so they can also be used in the bedroom…

The products in the pictures take part of Sancal collection

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