Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design: the best ideas and tips for a living room in balance between “man and nature”.

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Scandinavian design is very simple, understated yet impressive. It is a clean, straightforward and extremely relaxing style; it features clean lines, textures of quality materials and a simple, functional design. The idea is to create a functional space that is lived in, cozy and warm.

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Open and spacious spaces, functional design and lots of wood and metal – these are the basic elements of Scandinavian design style. Scandinavian design draws great inspiration from nature, not only in terms of the materials used, but also in terms of the shapes of the furniture.

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The absence of the superfluous, purity and order encapsulate the purest essence of Scandinavian style. Northern European design, in fact, is a way of life, something you recognize as you walk the streets of Scandinavian cities, but it is also a trend that conquers all those who love to be in contact with nature.

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Scandinavian style prefers clean, essential lines and blocks of color, and fabrics, accessories and furniture are conceived as a reasoned set of clean, simple geometric shapes.

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One of the key words that define this style is “ecology” and therefore respect and harmony with nature. In Scandinavian furniture transpires a healthy love for the most authentic nature: the charm of the woods, the majesty of the Nordic landscapes find their precise and refined expression in the concept of interior design.

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Scandinavian design usually prefers the choice of light, bright and reflective tones and colors. White is one of the main colors of this style and is used in combination with other neutral shades or with “brushstrokes” of brighter colors to create interesting visual contrasts.

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