The Coziest Bistrot Tables

The coziest bistro tables that can also be used in the kitchen or dining room.

Miniforms Illo table

One of the new trends for the 2022 is the bistro table, which is placed within the domestic environment and used as a dining table but also for working in the home office.

Miniforms Gualtiero table

Round or square in shape, fixed or extendable and preferably made of wood in order to enhance the hygge aspect of these models that became famous in French bistros.

Miniforms Geronimo table

To create a more sophisticated ambience, you can play with the choice of finishes, opting for a marble or ceramic top. For example, in the first photo below, the Illo table by Miniforms is proposed with a top in Palladio Moro marble which creates a pleasant contrast between black and white. In the second one the Miniforms Briscola table is proposed with Palladio Doge marble top.

Miniforms Illo table

Miniforms Briscola table

It is recommended to combine this type of table with chairs that are as minimalist as possible, with wooden or metal legs, with the seat upholstered in fabric and matching the finish of the table or creating a strong but pleasant visual contrast.

Miniforms Iola chair

Miniforms Diverge chair

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