The Best Hygge Facial Massages.

The best hygge facial massages for healthy, radiant and soft skin.

Physical and psychophysical wellbeing is given by all those actions that relax the mind, spirit and body. Taking care of your body, including your skin, hair and nails, equals wellbeing and health.

Taking time out for a facial and/or body massage is a great way to boost your immune system, care for your skin to make it more supple and soft, slow down the ageing process and carve out a couple of hours for yourself while leaving the rest of the world outside!

According to the best facialists, which are the most hygge and relaxing massages to cure mind and body?! Let’s find out together!


Kobido is a particular type of facial massage that derives from an ancient Japanese practice and that is configured as a beauty ritual implemented to give tone and vigour to the skin of the face. During the massage, in fact, the skin of the face is subjected to a manual treatment capable of improving its appearance and health, obtaining a natural lifting effect and an overall feeling of physical well-being.

Facial reflexology

Vietnamese Facial Reflexology is an extraordinary method, which consists of stimulating reflex points on the face and body for the well-being of the person and is therefore called Multi Reflexology. Thanks to its maximum proximity to the central nervous system, this method generates benefits in a very short time.

Facial Yoga

Since yoga is a relaxation technique, the world’s best facialists say that this workout helps relax the muscles of the face, which are responsible for a tired, fatigued and ageing appearance. Thanks to a series of facial yoga manoeuvres, you can relieve the tension that builds up in your face, helping to restore and maintain skin tone and delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

Gua Sha

The Gua Sha massage is a new trend in facial stretching, a real gymnastic for the face that helps to combat the signs of ageing and make the oval of the face more relaxed. This ancient Chinese massage technique is performed with special jade or quartz stones, such as the jade roller, which is very popular on social networks and used by beauty addicts as the final gesture of their beauty ritual.

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