A Look Inside Some Hygge Furniture

A look inside some hygge furniture for a very cozy home!

Remnant armchair

Hygge furniture must be intimate, yet versatile, as each corner can be used for a different purpose. The armchairs I’m showing you in this post are ideal for creating small reading or relaxation corners…

Click armchair

Every room of the house should integrate values such as calm and comfort in the most intimate spaces. But also create a small place from which to work. Like these chairs and stools that are a design balancing aesthetics, innovation and function. And they are very comfortable.

Mullit chair
Pion stool

A chaise longue is a must in a hygge-style home… with sinuous curves of the seats and backs reduced to their bare minimum, bringing an air of lightness to the design. Its generous and comfortable seating invites you to rest.

Diwan chaise longue
Diwan chaise longue

A comfortable sofa, some books, a warm rug and a vase with plants can create a cosy space to be enjoyed alone or with family and friends. Here is an example of essential but well thought-out design.

Tonella sofa

Matching colours always play a key role in hygge style furniture; the soft, neutral palette, indeed, reinforces the feeling of relaxation and warmness.

Tortuga armchair

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