Outdoor Design

Outdoor design: the best projects for decorating gardens and outdoor areas of the house.

Summer is coming and it’s time to reorganize and renovate the garden, the terrace and all the outdoor areas of the house to enjoy the warm season to the fullest.

Shade rug

One of the aspects that make the garden an oasis of relaxation and well-being is undoubtedly its functionality: however aesthetically pleasing it may be, we will not use this space if it does not meet our needs. That’s why we must conceive our garden as a beautiful “outdoor living room” so the place outside the house where we take refuge when we want to relax.

Shade rug

Depending on our needs, how we prefer to spend our time and the shape and space available in the garden, we can create one or more environments for wellness and happiness!

Tres Outdoor rug

If we love the company of friends and relatives, we will create a barbecue or dining area in which to organize delicious dinners. If, on the other hand, we wish to rediscover the pleasure of reading, we will think of a corner destined for tranquillity: a wicker armchair or a stone bench positioned right next to a garden waterfall. If there is plenty of space and we do not know how to make the most of it, we can also create a garden on several levels: a higher terrace will allow us to create a shaded area, ideal for the warmer months.

Silhouette rug

A fundamental role is covered by nature, so “green light” to flowers and plants but always trying to keep the garden in a harmonious order! For example, through the use of walls we can beautifully contain plants and flowers, creating flower beds and / or planters … Interesting is the idea of using climbing plants and statues to decorate the gazebo…

It is always advisable, when deciding to renovate the garden, to adopt the same style adopted in the house, creating coherence and homogeneity between the various parts. A modern garden will never combine well with a rustic house; vice versa, a house in the countryside will require a garden that recalls the typical taste of this area, decidedly more traditional.

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