Hippie Decor

Hippie Decor: The best furnishing accessories to give your home a hippie touch!

The hippie movement was born in the United States during the 1960s, at a time of great social, political and cultural crisis. It inherited the values of the Beat Generation, creating a counterculture, a radical general transformation… The concept of transformation also applies to furnishing your home in this style…

If you want to bring the essence of flower power into your home, the key word is eclecticism: in fact, this style of furnishing does not follow precise rules, but rather your own taste and extravagance, obviously taking care not to create kitschy or unharmonious combinations…

Despite the enormous philosophical and stylistic difference between the hippie and hygge styles, both, when combined together, manage to coexist perfectly and are capable of creating very interesting contrasts; the essential minimalism and order of the hygge style clashing with the explosion of joy and colours of the hippie style will create an environment full of personality but with a single purpose: well-being and happiness.

So go for fringed, handmade and ethnic fabrics; there is no pattern or model to follow, so let your creativity run wild. Functional clutter as opposed to minimal order can be achieved, for example, by stacking books on tables or floors and using them as a base for lamps and decorative objects, instead of arranging them neatly on a shelf according to size or colour.

In hippie style the furniture material used is natural or painted wood; in general wood and natural fibres, cotton, hemp and linen are preferred to plastic and synthetic fabrics.

Plants and flowers are a must-have furnishing element in a hippie-style home: they are essential to recall and emphasise contact with nature, and can be arranged in wicker or rattan baskets, but also in bowls or vases with an exotic flavour.

Don’t forget to light up your home with lots of scented candles – the perfect way to create a relaxing ambience!

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